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日本とアメリカのアニメイベントの違いとは?(Pacific Media Expoレポート!)

     PMX Report (What is the differences between Anime Convention in Japan and America?)




これからの数回、日本とアメリカのアニメイベント文化の違いを説明しながら、2014年11月7日から9日にかけて、アメリカはロサンゼルスのHilton LAX Airportにて行われた、PMXことPacific Media Expoのレポートをしてみたいと思います!

Held between November 7 to 9, 2014 at Los Angeles’s Hiltion LAX Airport, I have come to Pacific Media Expo (PMX)! While I have attended several conventions in the United States, I worked as a volunteer for the first time at PMX. This is my first blog post; however, from now on, I will be writing a comparison between Japanese and American anime events and explain their cultural differences. I thought I would try writing a report on my three-day experience at PMX!

Pacific Media Expoとは?- What is Pacific Media Expo?

全米最大級のAnime Expoを初めアニメコンベンションのメッカである西海岸ですが、このPMXはとても小さくて家族的なイベントです。

Held once every year in Los Angeles, PMX is a convention in which fans of the Asian-Pacific popular culture come together for events, amongst others, that pertain to cosplay, Japanese and Korean pop, fashion shows, and Filipino Martial Arts. Its wide variety of interests makes this convention different from other anime events. Intuitively speaking, I feel about 70% of the participants are anime fans, 20% are visual kei and lolita fans, while 10% are miscellaneous.
This year’s event was their 10th anniversary.
While the west coast is home to Anime Expo, one of the first ever largest anime convention in America and a mecca for events alike, PMX, in comparison, is small and tight-knit.
This is PMX’s official website

– The Differences Between Japanese and American Conventions –


日本(Japan) アメリカ(America)
会場 (venue) 主にイベント会場(Convention Center)/小規模なものは倉庫(Warehouse) 主にホテル(Hotel)/大規模なイベントのみイベント会場(Convention Center)
(The biggest Convention)
(Comic  Market)@ Tokyo(2014年8月C86来場者数550,000人)
Anime Expo@ Los Angeles(2013年7月16,1000人)
時間 (Time)

10:00~16:00 on average

24 hours!!
内容(Content) 3つの別の種類のコンベンションがあります。
(There are 3 different types of conventions in Japan)
-同人誌即売会 (Doujinshi)
ex. Comic Market
-コスプレ (Cosplay)
ex. Cosplay Festa TDC
-商業 (Industry)
ex. Jump Festa
総合的なコンベンションComprehensive convention, including artist alley, cosplay, and industry booth.


一方でアメリカのコンベンションは、基本ホテルを会場として行われ、朝9時から夜中の2時位まで、ほぼ夜通しで行われます。アメリカ最大のアニメイベントAnime Expoにおいては、公式ホームページで24hとうたっています。

In terms of anime events in Japan, most are held in large convention and warehouse centers such as the Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe. The conference halls are roughly open between 10 AM to 4 PM, though, for the most part, events can end at 8 PM the latest.
On the other hand, American conventions generally take place in hotels, occuring roughly between 9 AM to 2 AM. These events can continue on to very late times. According to its official homepage, Anime Expo, America’s largest anime convention, goes on for 24 hours.


毎週末としまえんや TFTで行われるコスプレイベント、
In Japan, anime events are divided into three categories. Comic Market is for doujinshi. Events occurring every weekend in places such as Toshimaen and TFT are for cosplay, and Jump Fist and Otomate Party are for industry. However, in America’s case, all these activities are held in one place.

A unique point worth noting is that American conventions have many panel discussions organized by fans. These panels can contain an abundance of academic discussions.

I will write the report of the first day of PMX, and my surprise towards registration system!!

Al last, thanks to A & C for your kindest help for translation!

 - ★海外イベントレポート(Con report Overseas), 北米(North America) , , ,



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