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     Live concert Report of a Visual-kei band "heidi"!



It’s been a while since I last updated this blog (sorry!)
I was backpacking in South America for about 3 weeks during my winter break. I met some anime fans there, too ^^
It seems there are many anime fans in South America, who enjoy anime as (“free”) entertainment since their childhood. When I take a look at online video site, I am always amazed at the massive number of Spanish-subbed anime contents!

Ok, now I gonna continue my PMX report.
There is a visual-kei band called Heidi coming to PMX from Japan as a guest of honor!
They debuted with a song for the anime “Maid Sama!”

ビジュアル系バンド、heidiの訪米コンサートーVisual-kei band group heidi’s concert

Lolita Dark
※heidiの写真は撮っちゃダメって言われてしまったので、写真詐欺みたいですがOPバンドのLilita Darkさんを撮影したのを使っております…※
(The photo is not that of heidi. I was not allowed to take one of them. So, I am using the one with Lolita Dark, an opening band instead.)

夜9時からはそのバンドライブ…といっても、その前にOpening bandとして別バンドが登場。Lolita Darkという地元のゴスロリ系メタルバンドです。Opening Bandというのは前座としてライブのメインアーティストの前に歌うバンドですね。

The live starts from 9pm, but there was an opening band before them.They were gothic-lolita metal band called “Lolita Dark.”

私このOpening Bandのシステムが総じて好きになれなくてですね…。日本ではあまり見ないと思うのですが。後に控える本家アーティストを我々は見に来ているわけなのに、矢鱈沢山歌って、挙げ句ラストの方で、「お前ら悲しいけれど、どんな夜にも終わりは来るもんなんだぜ…」とか言われると、
なんて叫ばれると、Y, Yeah…!て叫ばざるを得ないですよね…。

まぁ、こうして新しいアーティストの卵達を育てて行く姿勢は大切だし、きっとOpening Band自体も望まれざる宿命を分かった上でやっているのだろうから、そこは心が痛むのですけどね!

Actually, I don’t like this opening band system. The use of opening band is not as popular in Japan as here.

Since I come to the concert for the main band, every time when opening band say “A sad thing can never be escaped. I know, but this is the last two songs for tonight *tear*,”
I am like (Yooooooooooo please PLEASE finish it asap I am sick of waiting for the main bandddddddd!!!!!) in my heart, but if they say “Do you wanna hear more song of us~~~~~!!?,” there is no way for me other than screaming “Y, Yeahhhhhhhh…..(sigh)!!!”

But I totally understand that it is important to give an opportunity for the young band with this OB system, and I know opening band themselves know they are not welcomed guest while they are doing performance, so I feel sorry for them…to some extent.

ですが今回のOPBandのLolita Darkはそれなりに良かったです!

But anyway, that night’s opening band was relatively good! There were 2 main vocals, both females in Lolita costumes. The interesting thing is that they both have a temporary tattoo on their face which can read “戯=Gi” and “暗=An.”
They sang even Enka (Old Japanese songs), and it was actually amazing.
Because of this opening band, I could only listen to 3 or 4 heidi’s songs, but it is really good to go to artists’ concert in the United States since I can see them from far close distance compared with the concerts in Japan. (Because the space is small and fewer people are there)

From the next post, I will write about Saturday (the second day) program~!!

 - ★J-Pop, ★海外イベントレポート(Con report Overseas), 北米(North America) , ,



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